North Star Innovations Sues Nanya Technology Corporation For Patent Infringement

North Star Innovations Sues Nanya Technology Corporation For Patent Infringement

California based North Star Innovations Inc. recently filed suit against Taiwanese company Nanya Technology Corporation for allegedly infringing upon their SD memory product patent. The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in the Central District of California on August 29, 2016. In the complaint North Star Innovations Incorporated’s legal team says Taiwan based Nanya Technology imports and sells SD memory products that clearly infringe upon North Star Innovations’ patents. The lawsuit names both Nanya Technology Corporation and Nanya Technology Corporation U.S.A.


The complaint states that because Nanya Technology Corporation used the patented technology of North Star Innovations Inc. without the California company’s consent, Northstar Innovations suffered damages. According to the plaintiff both Nanya Technology Corporation and Nanya Technology Corporation U.S.A. are responsible because some of the products they allegedly import and market use SD memory products that use the fundamental inventions that are covered by the patents held by North Star Innovations Inc. therefore they should be made to pay damages.


Northstar Technologies legal team has requested a jury trial. They also want all the damages that they sustained. In addition they want treble damages as well as any royalties. They are also asking the court to stop Nanya Technology Corp. U.S.A. and Nanya Technology Corp. from further infringing on North Star Innovations’ patents. The plaintiff is also asking for interest and legal fees along with any other type of relief that the court deems to be just for such flagrant infringements upon the patents of the plaintiff. The North Star Innovations legal team is made up of Rachel D. Stanger and Brandon D. Fernald of the Los Angeles based Fernald Law Group LLP and Andrew C. Aitken and Cameron H. Tousi of the Rockville, Maryland law firm IP Law Leaders PLLC.


The case was presented at the U.S. District Court on Spring Street in Los Angeles. Nanya Technology Corporation USA is based in San Jose, California. They offer a wide variety of internet products and related services. They are also computer system designers and consultants. North Star Innovations, Inc. is a company that owns and operates numerous embedded processing solutions that includes semiconductors. It was founded in 2015 and currently is based in Costa Mesa, California in the United States. North Star Innovations became a subsidiary of Wi-Lan Incorporated as of October 2015.


Northstar Technologies licenses its technology to a number of corporations. The company has patent license agreement with companies like high performance integrated circuit maker Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc. which offers integrated circuits products and services that are foundry and application-specific. The crux of the North Star Technology lawsuit against Nanya Technology Corporation and Nanya Technology Corporation USA is the companies sold North Star Technology patented technology without a license agreement or permission. The case has just begun to work its way through U.S. District court in Central California.


There is no indication as to how long the lawsuit will take to be decided or when it will go to trial. North Star Innovations Inc. initially filed a patent infringement suit against Nanya Technology Corp. U.S.A. in Delaware District Court in November of 2015. The 830 property rights-patent suit was assigned to Judge Gregory M Sleet as case number 1:15-cv-01027. But no resolution was reached as of June, 2016.

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