California’s Business and Tourism Relationship

California is synonymous with movies, Hollywood, stars, suns and beaches. That is a reasonably fair correlation, but there is another side to the sunshine state that doesn’t get that same kind of attention. The other side of this glitz and glammer state is business, and it isn’t the Silicon Valley either. One of the biggest players in the hustle and bustle corporate world here is the travel industry. The way the business world and the tourism industry work in California however, may be something uniquely special.


Joined at the Hip

In many cases, tourism may be directed or influenced by industries. Disneyland or the aforementioned Silicon Valley may be points of interest for travelers regarding companies or industries that draw tourists. It also isn’t uncommon for the travel industry to be the driving force behind market growth and an improved economic state. This is where it is unique though, these two markets seem to feed each other. It doesn’t require a genius to recognize that both arenas can be improved by one or the others success. Yet in this particular case, they not only rely on each other but truly feed the growth of one another. The corporate and travel sectors would not be remotely the same without the strength of each.


A Mutual Draw

Now the obvious draw for tourists are the world renowned locations such as, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, The Redwoods or pick a beach, the travel industry literally has a plethora of sites and attractions that it boasts of all year long. In the counterpart of this mutually beneficial relationship there are some small companies like Google that draw some attention, of course the entire tech movement and then there are those travel agency or based companies that have drawing people interwoven into the plan and design (some guy named Disney started this). These companies rely on drawing visitors for their success and growth.


Quick Facts

  • An estimated 120 billion plus dollars was generated from direct travel spending.
  • Over 1 million jobs were supported via the travel and tourism market. That fed nearly 42 billion into the economy. (Consider that travel and business relationship in lieu of this fact).
  • According to many analysts and experts, California is an excellent location for companies.


Many people are aware of the vast range of climates, activities and other noteworthy attributes of this state. Yet the more investigation that is done the more surprised and enlightened one becomes about the hidden gems and secrets that this state holds. Either somewhere in the fast paced and exciting chaos of the working world, or the laid back and casual space usually associated with leisure and travel, this coastal state has it all. Who knows, maybe visitors come to get some rest and relaxation and end up starting a company and calling Cali’ home, or perhaps one of the mega companies brings an employee to town for an important meeting and they just simply decide not to leave. Making the 31st state of the United States home may not be such a bad idea.

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