Best First Class Flights Available

Flying first class typically makes the journey itself as or even more magnificent than landing at one’s destination. Traveling by air even in economy class isn’t typically cheap, but it is typically cramped and uncomfortable.


With a first class airline ticket, airline can travel can be as luxurious as traveling economy is unpleasant. Of course, it takes more than just some spare cash and good credit to fly first class. Being able to fly first class on a regular basis is a big sign that you’re enjoying outstanding earnings and that “you’ve arrived” in your professional life. This is especially true if one books a flight aboard some of the best first class flights available.


The following are five of the best first class flight experiences out there these days:


Diamond First Class from Etihad Airways

Travel with Etihad Airways with their Diamond First Class service and you’ll enjoy the very finest offered by the United Arab Emirates flag carrier. Flying first class with Etihad means over the top service and unparalleled luxury.


First class includes personal suites that allow for a great deal of privacy en route. In fact, first class flyers can even enjoy their very own mini bars. The menu from which flyers get to pick from with Diamond First Class offers a variety of culinary options from all over the world so that diners with diverse tastes can be satisfied. Diamond First Class also affords fliers a spacious cubicle setting that makes it easy to get work down while flying to business destinations.


“La Première” First Class Service from Air France

If you’re traveling to Europe, consider “La Première” First Class service from France’s biggest airline. This service is offered on the airline’s Airbus A380 jets.


It’s important to understand if you’re flying with La Première that you’ll be enjoy exceptional in flight cuisine from world renowned chefs like Joel Robuchon. You’ll eat your meal on a full table rather than a tiny fold=out tray.


Also, you’ll get a reclining seat that will make it easy to fall asleep so that you can get some rest until you land.


Suites Class from Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers fantastic first class service on newer Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 planes in the airline’s fleet. Enjoy luxurious amenities from Givenchy and a wide selection of meals.


With Singapore Airlines, first class fliers actually get a full size bed to sleep on. This makes catching some shut eye easy. First class flight service with Singapore Airlines include an entire complimentary bottle of Dom Pérignon.


First Class Flight Service from Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific offers exceptional first class service to fliers who are going to many different destinations around the world. Seating for first class fliers allows them to lie down flat so that they arrive well rested. Also, first class flight service includes an extensive wine selection and delectable food.


First Class Service on Emirates A380

The A380 First Class experience with emirates includes a private suite that offers a closing door. Also, suites include minibars and even private bathrooms. When you fly first class with Emirates, you could get a shower while flying so that you are well groomed and fresh when you reach your destination.

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