Best First Class Flights Available

Flying first class typically makes the journey itself as or even more magnificent than landing at one’s destination. Traveling by air even in economy class isn’t typically cheap, but it is typically cramped and uncomfortable.   With a first class airline ticket, airline can travel can be as luxurious as traveling economy is unpleasant. Of course, it takes more than…

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North Star Innovations Sues Nanya Technology Corporation For Patent Infringement

North Star Innovations Sues Nanya Technology Corporation For Patent Infringement California based North Star Innovations Inc. recently filed suit against Taiwanese company Nanya Technology Corporation for allegedly infringing upon their SD memory product patent. The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in the Central District of California on August 29, 2016. In the complaint North Star Innovations Incorporated’s legal…

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The San Gabriel Complex Fire and Its Intricacies

The multiple raging fires began on Monday afternoon. In the two or three days following the firefighters will aided by cooler weather. However, now strong winds and hot temperatures are combining in a deadly mix to make it infinitely harder for firefighters to battle two different infernos in the San Gabriel Mountains. These winds have been blowing in from the…

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Raising California Tobacco Tax

Smoking could become more expensive in California Smokers in California may see a hike in the cost of cigarettes if a certain tax on tobacco products is approved. Currently, Save Lives California Coalition is making strives to increase the tobacco tax by $2.00. The billionaire and philanthropist Tom Steyer is backing the campaign in order to help to improve the…

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California’s Business and Tourism Relationship

California is synonymous with movies, Hollywood, stars, suns and beaches. That is a reasonably fair correlation, but there is another side to the sunshine state that doesn’t get that same kind of attention. The other side of this glitz and glammer state is business, and it isn’t the Silicon Valley either. One of the biggest players in the hustle and…

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